Currently, I am working through the following P90X videos:

01 Chest and Back
02 Plyometrics
03 Shoulders and ARms
05 Legs and Back

NEVER MIND! That's too hard on my joints right now.

As of July 18, 2010, I'm doing the Urban Rebounder, Intermediate Level.

Oh, never mind. As of Aug 8, 2010, I working through a beginner's running program.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Weight-In

The last couple of weeks have been crazy. First, I did the rebounder all week long and lost some, almost making it below the zero of the same set of tens I've been working on from the beginning of this journey a few months ago. Then, the next week we went on vacation and I did the rebounder three days and nothing the next four days. I was still disappointed to see a huge gain. The next week I did absolutely nothing and went below my loss from two weeks prior. Now, this past week I began a beginner's running program and have put about a pound back on. Really, though, on Tues I enjoyed two bowls of vanilla ice-cream with chopped, sugared strawberries at a Relief Society meeting. Wed my Visiting Teacher brought me a plate of no-bake cookies. Thursday, while home-teaching, the family gave us an ice-cream sandwich (while earlier I had made an apple pie for my family), then Fri and Sat enjoyed chips and a liter of an orange drink from a pool party we almost had before the weather ruined it. So, it hasn't been the healthiest eating this last week. I hope to do better this week, continue running and get down past that zero and down to the next set of tens in the numbering system!

The weight-loss record since the last time I recorded:

7-25-10 1(?)0.8
8-1-10 1(?)4.2
8-9-10 1(?)0.4
8-15-10 1(?)1.0