Currently, I am working through the following P90X videos:

01 Chest and Back
02 Plyometrics
03 Shoulders and ARms
05 Legs and Back

NEVER MIND! That's too hard on my joints right now.

As of July 18, 2010, I'm doing the Urban Rebounder, Intermediate Level.

Oh, never mind. As of Aug 8, 2010, I working through a beginner's running program.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Started New Workout and Weight-In Update

I had a horrible week last week and had the most difficult time sleeping. I had hoped to begin exercising again, but found no motivation for much of anything. I didn't even work in the garden. The week before I somehow still lost weight. It's been crazy for the past few weeks, but I really want to workout. I've determined that right now that P90X is just to much for me. When I was 50 lbs lighter I loved working out and it gave me more energy. Today, it wears me out and is so hard to do. So, I've determined to do something else until I loose about 10 pounds. Then, I will re-evaluation my physical ability to push myself a bit more.

Tonight, I did the Urban Rebounder, Intermediate Workout. It's been a long time since I did all 12 routines, but I did tonight. That's 20 minutes of breaking a sweat and a 5 min warm-up. I'm reminded about how much I really like this routine. He follows all of my rules for exercise videos. It's the perfect routine for me.

Here's my weight loss record since the last time I posted them:

6-27-10 = 1(?)2.2
7-4-10 = 1(?)3.4
7-11-10 = 1(?)1.6
7-18-10 = 1(?)3.0

As you can see, I'm yo-yoing up and down within the same few pounds. But, I really haven't done anything consistent or in an effort to really loose. Hopefully, that changes from this point forward.

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